The following is a transcript from the early reel of The Universe of Davey Guy.

Act 1

(Shows the GreenyWorld Television logo)

(Shows the Teletoon Original Production logo)

(Shows the Studio B logo; a silhouette of Davey Guy pops up)

Davey Guy: (angry) Can we start the video already now?!?

(Studio B's B zooms in and the show's logo appears through the holes; Davey Guy is revealed)

Davey Guy: My work here is done! (walks away)

(Cuts to the title card)



(Fades to black)

(Fades to Davey Guy and Jay Guy playing the Subspace Emissary mode on Super Smash Bros. Brawl in Davey's living room; they are playing the Skyworld level)

Jay Guy: I'll choose Mario! (chooses Mario)

Davey Guy: (angry) NO! I'll choose Mario because he's my favorite video game character and I don't know who this Armpit guy is. (swaps Pit with Mario)

Jay Guy: It's Pit!

Davey Guy: I know.

(After a few minutes of arguing, Davey chooses Mario and Jay chooses Pit; Jay groaned)

Jay Guy: This is unfair.

(Yellow Guy puts an envelope through the door's mailbox and knocks; Yellow Guy accidentally creates a hole in the door)

Yellow Guy: Oops! (pulls his hand out of the hole; shouting) Here's your invitation, Davey Guy! (walks away)

(Davey Guy and Jay Guy goes to the door and notices the letter on the floor)

Jay Guy: Yellow Guy gave us an invitation.

Davey Guy: (shocked) And he broke the door. (angry) The 4th time this month!

Jay Guy: Forget about that. Let's read the invitation.

(Davey Guy opens the envelope and reads the letter)

Davey Guy: (reading) Dear pesky plum- I mean Dear cool and lucky person, you are invited to my party at my mansion. The party is tommorow. You can take a friend with you. Yours sincerely, Yellogan Jr. (excited) Woo-hoo!

Jay Guy: At least, I'll be there.

(Pingux2012 spys on them by being a painting on the wall)

Pingux2012: (sneering) I've never been so excited for an evil plan since I left the Geo Team universe because I used up all of the money on Bryan Guy's credit card. (covers himself with paint)

Jay Guy: Who said that?

Davey Guy: It must be the TV.

Jay Guy: It doesn't sound like something from Super Smash Bros.