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Welcome to the The Universe of Davey Guy Wikia, the place where you learn about the 2015 fanon series, The Universe of Davey Guy, that airs on Disney XD, Disney Channel and FOX! Just a note, almost everything you see on this wiki is entirely fake. So don't get tricked into thinking it's real.


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  4. If you wish to be a admin, ask KTMWikia8000 and tell him why. Some users on the wiki are already been a admin by KTMWikia8000 automatically.
  5. Do not rip-off, copy or plagiarise the show (which means you Chaecook123).
  6. Vandalism is outlawed on this wiki. If you vandalise a page and vandalise many others, you will be blocked. And absolutely NO Wikia contributors looking for a wiki to spam or vandalize.
  7. If you violate ANY of these rules, you will be temporary blocked from the wiki. If you do something very bad, you will be poison blocked (permanent block).

Editing notes

  1. The Universe of Davey Guy wasn't made until 2015.
  2. Just because this show is also by FOX, The Universe of Davey Guy isn't a adult series like The Simpsons or South Park.

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